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Bill Clark

To All


Much like the truth that "when the war's over, it's not really over for minesweepers" there are some important details to deal with even after the official closing of the Naval Minewarfare Association.  Most of them are concerned with our Treasury and we are fortunate that CDR Jesse (Jay) De Loach is willing to continue his dedicated service to ensure that our NMA closes that phase of our existence properly.

  You may recall that at our last business meeting in New Orleans on 5 June 2018 we voted to send any remaining NMA funds to the group that would become the repository of our historical collection.  Jay predicted at that gathering that we would have approximately $1,378.13 on hand as we closed our doors.  On 3 January 2019 CDR DeLoach sent a cashier's check for $1,620.78 to the Stockton Maritime Museum, thus finalizing our NMA account.  David Rajkovich, SMM President, has responded with gratitude, having received our check on 10 January 2019.  

Last October our NMA contingent, spearheaded by the planning and preparation of Historian Rick Hannum, Trustee Paul Abelquist, and Secretary-Treasurer Jesse DeLoach, delivered our revered historical collection and $2,750 from personal NMA-member contributions to the Stockton Maritime Museum and its vital restoration project of the USS Lucid MSO-458, the ultimate repository for NMA memories.  Thus, NMA has added a total of $4,370.78 to the coffers of SMM to this point.  It would be appropriate for each of us to consider future support to the Stockton Maritime Museum to enable them to highlight properly the unique place of minesweeper ships and crews in naval history.   

Bill Clark, ex-President, NMA


An Important note from our NMA President

Now, important events are taking place as we attempt to close our beloved NMA in proper fashion.

On October 12th one of our Texans, Secretary-Treasurer Jesse DeLoach and Associate Michael Curley picked up 6 boxes of NMA historical records-documents from Historian Rick Hannum at his home in Chula Vista, CA.

On October 25th DeLoach and Curley will meet Trustee Paul Abelquist at his home in Long Beach and journey to Stockton, CA. The following day the trio will meet Curator Gary Howells (NMA Member) and perhaps noted author David Bruhn (you guessed it he's an NMA member) in a day-long presentation ceremony of our materials to the Stockton Maritime Museum.

This important historical collection, representing records of the 36-year existence of the Naval Minewarfare Association, will ultimately be housed in the totally-restored USS LUCID MSO-458.

It's totally fitting that October 27th will see 5 or 6 NMA members spending what is really a dedication day being feted by SMM personnel by a ship tour, luncheon, presentation ceremony, tour of the final LUCID berthing site, and an evening BBQ at the SMM's president's ranch.

When the NMA does something, we do it BIG TIME!

Hoping all are well,

Bill Clark, NMA President

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THE NAVAL MINEWARFARE ASSOCIATION was founded on December 5, 1982, in San Antonio, Texas, during the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association convention. Sixty-six sailors from 14 of the 24 minecraft at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, held their own mini-reunion for the purpose of establishing a minecraft organization that would hold its own reunions and stay in touch through a 'newsletter'. Before the meeting was over the group adopted the recommendation that the new group should encompass the entire spectrum of naval mine warfare and its personnel and not just the seagoing members of the naval mine warfare community. Many of the charter members were from the USS Oglala (CM 4), flagship of Mine Squadron One, which was damaged and sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The other ships represented at this reunion were the USS Breese, USS Boggs, USS Gamble, USS Montgomery, USS Perry, USS Preble, USS Pruitt, USS Rail, USS Ramsay, USS Tracy, USS Trever, USS Wasmuth, and USS Zane.

The NMA is a nationally recognized organization that today has several hundred active members. Our membership consists of those men who served, or now serve, on one or more of the more than 700 ships and stations relating to mine warfare during the time frame of World War II and up to the present. They share one trait - they served, or now serve, their nation through some connection with sea mines.

The NMA has published it's final newsletter - The Silent Defenders; which in part keeps members updated on convention plans. Our annual convention is held in a different part of the continental U.S.

Conventions began in 1983. For example, we met at Fort Mitchell in Northern Kentucky in 1998; San Antonio, TX, in 1999; San Jose, CA, in 2000; Buffalo, NY, in 2001; Denver, CO, in 2002; San Diego, CA, in 2003; Mobile, AL, in 2004; St Louis, MO, in 2005; Seattle, WA, in 2006; Chattanooga, TN, in 2007; 2008-Branson, MO; 2009-Cruise on SS Glory; 2010-Quincy, MA; 2011-Tempe; AZ; 2012-Myrtle Beach; SC: 2013-St. Louis, MO; 2014-Portland, ME; 2015 San Antonio Texas; 2016 San Diego, CA, and 2017 Plaque dedication Navy Memorial Foundation, Washington, D.C., and the 2018 NMA final Convention in New Orleans, LA.


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