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By Mike Hanners

It was the 31st of May and alls not well, the Adroit is sailing right thru the swells.

The foscle is quickly lost from sight as the fantail slowly reaches its height.

The rails are manned by the sea sick crew, feeding the fish with all they have chewed.

The deck is flooded and slippery as hell, make one false move and you are gone with the swells.

The helmsman on watch is doing his best, but the swells just won't let him rest.

The Stalwart behind us is trying her best, to ride out the swells as if it were a test.

The Sturdy and Swerve on our starboard side make a pretty picture as they roll from side to side.

But these four ships though made of wood fear not the restless sea,

For they together make up the mighty MinDiv.Forty Four.

On the third of April in 64 Pecores big four had led the score.

Out to sea before the rest, to locate the mines because we're the best.

We steam all day and sweep all night, but that makes us better when we get in a tight.

Though we work all day and most of the night we're always ready to begin with the first light.


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