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Rick Richard

Rick Richard, the twelfth man to serve as President of the Naval Minewarfare Association, passed away on 22 December 2017 after a four-months hospital stay. Rick, 86, had also filled the roles of Vice President, Convention Coordinator, and Website Manager during his 19 years in our organization.

He was a Korean War veteran, serving in the Navy from June 1948 until May 1953. Richard's ship was the USS Pirate AM-275, which was sunk 12 October 1950 while sweeping Wonsan Harbor. Rick, a YN3/c, was knocked unconscious, got into the sea after recovery, and was rescued by the crew of the USS Endicott DMS-35. His love for the Pirate can be shown by examining his email address below.

Rick's widow, Joyce, can be contacted at the family home: 5656 Chandler Drive, San Diego, CA 92117. Alternate contacts: 858-945-5603 or USSPIRATE@aol.com.

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