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Ron Swensen, who served the Naval Minewarfare Association as an officer for many years passed away on his 86th birthday, 19 December 2017. Most recently Ron was our Treasurer, an office which he held for 19 years. Prior to that assignment he had tenures as both Secretary and Area Coordinator.

A Korean War veteran, Swensen served on the USS Ptarmigan AM-376 as an EM2/c. He was one of our tallest members at 6'7". Ron's hearty laugh, still heard as he fought a long-term illness, identified him as one with a great sense of humor. His dedication to the NMA was life-long, as he continued to fulfill his organizational responsibilities and even regretted greatly his inability to attend our functions during the last stages of his life.

His widow, Vivian, can be reached at the family home: 3762 Cooper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241-3325. Other means of contact: 513-313-4384 or rswensen@cinci.rr.com.

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